Consultations on Uranium: Phase III

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Uranium exploration projects have raised concerns in several areas across Québec, namely in Mistissini. In 2014, the Québec Government mandated the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) to conduct an inquiry and public consultations on issues related to uranium development.

 The BAPE Commission and a Commission of the James Bay Advisory Committee on the Environment (JBACE) have held joint consultations on uranium issues for the JBNQA Section 22 Territory.

Phase 3 consultations, held in November 2014, have focused on the expression of opinions and the tabling of briefs from citizens and organizations (see JBACE poster and pamphlet, as well as information on BAPE web site (mainly in French).

The BAPE and JBACE Commissions are currently drafting the section of the report of recommendations that concerns the JBNQA Section 22 Territory.