Best Practices for Project Proponents

Project-related public participation and engagement in the James Bay Territory

- Early engagement and integration of public insights in project designs and Section 22 environmental and social impact assessments and reviews -

 The JBACE designed this guide for all proponents with projects located in or that may affect the environment and the communities in the James Bay Territory. It is intended to encourage and to assist proponents with their public engagement and participation activities with the Territory’s Cree and Jamésien inhabitants, as well as certain key bodies that are active at local and regional levels in the Territory, over the continuum of their projects’ activities. It is thus crafted to guide proponents in such matters over the course of their projects’ concept planning, construction, operation, monitoring, and closure. The guide may be valuable to the public as a reference. Not only does it outline certain expectations that concern the public in matters relating to participation over the course of project planning in the Territory, it also provides a useful overview of the Section 22 JBNQA environmental and social impact assessment and review procedure and of its associated institutions.

Click to download the guide with the full size (11x17) project life cycle diagram 

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The guide was produced by the JBACE with the gracious collaboration of representatives from the Cree Nation Government, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, and the assessment and review bodies established by Section 22 of the James Bay Northern Québec Agreement (JBNQA) – the Evaluating Committee (COMEV), the Environmental and Social Impact Review Committee (COMEX), and the Federal Review Panel-South (COFEX-South).

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