JBACE 2018-2019 Annual Report

In 2018-2019, the JBACE commented on several draft regulations and government initiatives, as well as moving forward with its projects.

The JBACE provided its point of view on various proposed regulations and initiatives concerning the implementation of the revised EQA. The committee commented on the draft Regulation respecting ministerial authorizations and declarations of compliance in environmental matters and participated in an information session launching the work of the sectoral co-creation tables that were created to pursue reflections on the drafting of regulations for the implementation of the EQA. The Committee commented on the Climate change and environmental authorizations - A Guide for project proponents and took part in discussions on the development of a regulation on Strategic Environmental Assessment. The JBACE also commented on the draft Regulation regarding compensation for adverse effects on wetlands and bodies of water.
Concerning land use planning, the JBACE commented on the proposal for a revised land use planning approach. The committee also sent recommendations to the MFFP to improve the consultation process for PAFIOs and began preliminary work for the review of PAFITs based on the parameters adopted in February 2017.
Finally, the JBACE provided comments on the MERN’s guide entitled “Establishment and operation of a monitoring committee: Good practices guide for project promoters and local actors, and legal obligations of monitoring committees – preliminary version – May 2018.

Two bills received the attention of the Committee during the year. The JBACE commented on Bill C-68 and the approach for the revision of the Applications for Authorization Regulations. In addition, the Committee sent its comments on Bill C-69 and on the proposed approach for amending the Regulations Designating Physical Activities. The JBACE was also provided with a presentation on the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan program for a status update.
Issues of interest for the JBACE involving more than one jurisdiction
The recovery of Woodland Caribou is an important issue for the JBACE. In addition to attending the North American Caribou Workshop in the fall, the JBACE followed-up on the progress made in developing measures for the recovery of Woodland Caribou adapted to the James Bay Territory by the federal and provincial governments.
In the area of climate change, the JBACE finalized and published the report entitled “State of Climate Change and Adaptation Knowledge for the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory.” The committee also participated in the Regional Climate Change Forum that was held in Eastmain.
Another important issue for the JBACE is that of cumulative effects. During the year, the committee approved a five-year action plan for cumulative effects work and participated in a roundtable for the creation of the Indigenous-led Center of Expertise for Cumulative Effects Management.
The JBACE continued its work of preparing the guide Best-practice guidance for project proponents: Project-related public participation and engagement in the James Bay Territory, which should be published in early 2019- 2020.

JBACE Operations
In the fall of 2018, the JBACE adopted its new 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and set up annual work plans for its implementation. The Committee developed a communication plan and began raising awareness in order to increase its visibility. During the year, the JBACE also continued its restructuring operations. A new Executive Director was appointed as well as a new Secretariat Officer. The Administrative Committee has begun the review of the Human Resources Policy and other administrative policies.

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