The Brief on the Livre Vert on the modernization of the EQA

In accordance with its mandate, the JBACE is strongly involved in many issues raised in the Livre Vert. While the latter does not propose changes to the JBNQA environmental and social assessment and review procedure, proposed changes to the authorization system will impact and/or overlap with the Section 22 regime.


Therefore, the JBACE wishes to express a number of comments, and recommendations, on the following three issues related to the Livre Vert: 1) Strategic Environmental Assessments; 2) changes to the environmental authorization system and finally 3) access to information, transparency and participation.

The JBACE comments pertain solely to the provisions of the Livre Vert that affect the Section 22 environmental and social protection regime. We refrain from commenting on the provisions in the Livre Vert that pertain to the environmental assessment and review procedure applicable in southern Québec.

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